Witness Box
with Ian Neil SC

Leading silk and human rights advocate breaks down in a practical way today's burning issues relating to the law.

Lawyers, judges, academics and thought-leaders discuss with leading barrister Ian Neil SC the burning issues of today - Aboriginal deaths in custody, police powers, women in the law, border closures and lockdown restrictions, and Royal Commissions. Witness Box explores real issues, affecting real people, and exposes what the law is, how it works, and what it means for you.

Music: Michael Grossman and Mitch Tolman

Witness Box • Trailer

Introducing Witness Box

Leading silk and human rights advocate breaks down issues relating to the law in a practical way.



  • Ian Neil SC

    Ian Neil is one of Australia’s leading barristers. Over thirty years in practice, he has appeared in cases in courts throughout Australia, in Hong Kong, and in the London Beth Din, and in every branch of the law. Ian regularly takes pro bono work, and is passionate about human rights and the social purpose of the law. Ian teaches and writes about the art and skill of advocacy throughout Australia, and in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Outside the law, Ian is the Chair of Grameen Australia, a charity that is bringing Grameen micro- finance to Australia’s marginalised communities. Ian is the author of The Modern Contract of Employment, now the leading Australian text on employment.