RISING 2021 Podcast

The Dispute with Jackson Castiglione and Mohamed El Khatib, translated by Isabelle Mangeot-Hewison

In discussing divorce, children ask why their voices aren’t heard
featuring children with theatre directors Jackson Castiglione and Mohamed El Khatib, translated by Isabelle Mangeot-Hewison

The Dispute brings us words spoken in a direct, unflinching way on the subject of divorce. In the play, acclaimed French theatre director Mohamed El Khatib invites children of parents who have split up to take to the stage and give their own points of view. In this conversation, the children point the microphone towards El Khatib and Jackson Castiglione, director of the performance in Melbourne.


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The Dispute at RISING 2021
Mohamed El Khatib and Jackson Castiglione
Presented with Arts House

Children take the stage to describe their parents’ separation in their own words.

When parents separate, their children feel it too. But how often are their voices heard?

Based on the original production by French/Algerian theatre maker Mohamed El Khatib, The Dispute turns the tables on the common narrative of family separation.

Six children take the stage to share their stories, questions and perspectives on their parent’s separation; and those of other young people like them. They ask burning questions and put the event into words, telling it how they see it.

Each of the young performers has taken an active part in the creation of the work. Their observations reveal an intelligence and awareness that is moving, sweet, funny and insightful. The Dispute is audacious, mischievous and emotional.

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