RISING 2021 Podcast

Back to Back Theatre with John Safran and Vikrant Kishore

In a play led by neuro-diverse performers, a Hindu god reclaims the Swastika from the Third Reich. Whose story is it to tell?
featuring Bruce Gladwin, Scott Price, John Safran and Dr. Vikrant Kishore

Comedian John Safran is no stranger to religious controversy, yet, as he steers a conversation about a Hindu god’s attempt to reclaim the Swastika from the Third Reich, the controversial problem of identity politics takes centre stage. For context, Hindu academic Dr. Vikrant Kishore intervenes. Under the spotlight, Back to Back theatre’s director Bruce Gladwin and performer Scott Price are interrogated.


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Ganesh Versus The Third Reich at RISING 2021
Back To Back Theatre

As they rehearse a play about a Hindu deity’s confrontation with a racist dictator, a small theatre company’s dynamics become increasingly strained.

A small theatre company is rehearsing their new play. Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings, is on a mission to reclaim the swastika—an auspicious symbol in Indian religions mis-appropriated by the German Nazi party in World War 2. But as the work is created, the company’s dynamics become increasingly strained.

In Ganesh Versus the Third Reich, layers of history and experience overlap. As with all Back to Back Theatre productions, the work is partly performed and devised by people living with disability—a fact made all the more poignant as the actors play the Nazi soldiers who once sought to exterminate people like them.

In this play within a play, the actors question whether they should be making it at all, wrestling with their right to embody characters and cultures to which they don’t belong.

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