Our Place • Trailer

Introducing Our Place

Myf Warhurst's Our Place is a podcast that explores Australian culture. If culture is how we share who we are with the world and how we tell our stories to each other, what is that story right now? Myf Warhurst talks to the thinkers, makers and figures who are creating a new narrative for Australia’s future.

Trailer Transcript

Hi there, I'm Myf Warhurst. I'm a broadcaster, presenter and also a bit of a cultural obsessive. Our Place is a podcast that asks the big question, what is Australian culture? And we'll answer it by focusing on Australian things that make up the design of our everyday life. The things that we might see us here that aren't often celebrated, but do say a whole lot about who we are and where we've come from, from the contemporary version of Welcome to Country to the big things that dot along our regional highways, or the Australian innovation that is the wine cask, Our Place aims to understand these things, and also aims to shine a spotlight on the thinkers, the makers and the innovators who are moving our culture forward into the future.

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