Our Place
with Myf Warhurst

Interrogating the tumultuous age we are living through and the shifting tides of power and authority to ask what exactly is Australian culture?

Culture is how we share who we are with the world, and how we tell our stories to each other. But in 2020, what exactly is Australian culture? What does the rest of the world think of us? And what makes us Australian? Through Our Place, Myf will pinpoint the thinkers, makers and figures who are changing the game and create a new narrative for Australia’s future.

Music: Michael Grossman and Mitch Tolman

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Introducing Our Place

Myf Warhurst's Our Place is a podcast that explores Australian culture. If culture is how we share who we are with the world and how we tell our stories to each other, what is that story right now? Myf Warhurst talks to the thinkers, makers and figures who are creating a new narrative for Australia’s future.


Latest Episodes

  • Our Place Episode 4

    This is the origin story of the humble fish & chip shop. Myf speaks with Veronica Papacosta, who has three generations of seafood history to draw on to tell us about the past, present and future of fish & chips in Australia. We also hear from Elizabeth Chong, the celebrity chef who speaks of how intersecting migrant cultures and an entrepreneurial spirit led to the birth of a unique Australian culinary treat. "A trip to the beach comes with many advantages. A swim, a lie on the sand, and at the end of the day, the prize is usually a warm bundle of mostly yellow fried food wrapped in butcher’s paper handed gingerly over a counter of a fish and chip shop."

  • Our Place Episode 3

    This is a story of the contemporary legacy of Welcome to Country, a ceremony that has been performed for thousands and thousands of years by Australia’s first nations peoples. Myf speaks to Boon Wurrung Elder N’arweet Carolyn Briggs, Senator for Victoria for the Australian Greens Lidia Thorpe, and legendary activist, agitator and educator, Professor Gary Foley.

  • Our Place Episode 2

    This is a story about the Big Things, the highway-side attractions like the Big Banana and the Big Prawn, and some Bigger Things, the silo murals that line the highways of regional Victoria. This is also the story of how these monuments speak of a towns industry and identity.

  • Our Place Episode 1

    This is the story of how the goon bag was invented on a soldier settlement block in rural Victoria. Myf interviews John Angove, the son of the inventor, and Ian Cook, grandson of one of the soldier settlers.

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  • Myf Warhurst

    Myf Warhurst is one of Australia’s best-known and loved media personalities, with a career spanning twenty years in radio, television, print and podcast. Holding a Bachelor of Arts (Honors in Fine Art Theory) and Post-Graduate in Art Curatorial Studies, Myf’s passion for music, art and popular culture has made her a trusted household name. Myf's national ABC radio show had a daily broadcast audience of over one million listeners. She helped to launch Double J, has hosted many popular shows on triple j, Triple M and the ABC, and is co-host of the weekly ‘Bang On’ podcast with Zan Rowe. Myf is also the voice of Aunt Trixie on Australia’s most popular, Logie Award-winning, Emmy-nominated cartoon, Bluey.

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