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3: Artist Stanislava Pinchuk (MISO) on conflict zones and beekeeping in Chernobyl

MONT sits down with nomadic artist Stanislava Pinchuk, a visual artist, writer, tattooist and beekeeper. We hear about her work in data mapping conflict zones, her interactions with beekeepers in Chernobyl and her new project documenting the history of women tattooing women.


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    MONT sits down with journalist and blogger Andy Fleming (SlackBastard), an icon of the Melbourne anarchist scene. In the wake of the Christchurch Inquiry Report, we hear about SlackBastard's work; archiving and exposing the rising threat of far-right extremism.

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  • Mont Icons Episode 2

    MONT sits down with Spider Death, a Melbourne-based visual artist, tattooist and former member of various punk bands. Spider talks about his history in Sydney’s punk scene and Kings Cross tattoo culture. Spider details his obsession with punk icons Sakevi Yokayama (GISM) and Nick Blinko (Rudimentary Peni).

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