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11: Writer Erik Jensen on narrative journalism, Adam Cullen and the power of Truth

In this episode, we speak to writer and journalist Erik Jensen. Erik is editor-in-chief of Schwartz, the publisher behind 7am, the Monthly and the Saturday Paper. Erik's book Acute Misfortune is a portrait of Australian grunge artist Adam Cullen. Cullen was a painter devoted to his own larrikin mythology, a construct Erik peels away. In this discussion, Erik talks about his writing process, the influence of David Marr on his early days as a reporter, and the paradox of being an author who hates being edited. He also talks about his new book of poetry, the revival of narrative journalism, and the difference between being a writer and a journalist. Theme: Low Life 'Friends'


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    Warning: In this episode we discuss issues and experiences that could trigger distress or traumatic memories for people, particularly survivors of past abuse, violence or childhood trauma. In this episode we speak with former sgt-at-arms of the Bandidos, Brent Simpson, about gang life, reverting to Islam and his path to redemption. Brent is the host of true crime podcast The Clink, where he invites guests to tell their stories of redemption. Brent is a staunch advocate for The Voice of a Survivor, an organisation that offers support for institutional abuse survivors and victims of personal injuries. If anything in this episode triggers distress please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 anytime for confidential telephone crisis support.

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    In this bonus episode of Mont Icons, we talk about drill music, Adam Curtis, the experience of live music after the COVID lockdown and the corruptive influence of Jim Harrison on our lives. Theme: Low Life 'Friends'

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