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Introducing Modern Australian Underground

A monthly profile of new and upcoming Australian underground music with insight into the future sounds of Australia.

Trailer Transcript

Hi, my name’s Christina Pap and I'll be your host on the Modern Australian Underground.

I’ve spent over a decade involved in the underground punk music scene; writing fanzines, releasing records and cassettes, singing in bands and going on tour, hosting a radio show, putting on gigs, working at festivals, record stores and a bunch of other stuff that honestly, I can’t even remember!

You’ve heard endless stories about The Saints, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Black Flag and a recycled amount of other ground breaking but old bands who’ve made history in music or changed the status quo; sounds from the underground breaking through to the mainstream and offending the ridged, influencing a generation of kids and causing waves that has created noise and brought us to the music we listen to on commercial radio today.

But why are we always looking back? What sounds are being made right now in our own backyard that are changing ideas, pushing boundaries, and reflecting the angst and hardships young people live through and face in the midst of a modern world of political turmoil and global pandemic?

I’m here to show you what amazing things are currently happening in Australian underground punk and electronic music. I’ll be bringing you in-depth interviews with a vast variety of artists exploring their niche experience, as well a radio show style podcast exhibiting new bands, releases, labels, news, and upcoming events.

You’re living in the midst of music history right now - Welcome to the Modern Australian Underground.

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