Modern Australian Underground

Snake and Sleeper talk Total Control to Primo!.

I talk to Amy Hill and Al Montfort about their involvement and experiences in genre defining Melbourne bands over the past 15 years.


Extended Description

Amy and Al both independently moved to Melbourne around the mid to late 2000's. Since then, they've changed the direction of underground music and given definition to new sounds with bands like Total Control, Sleeper and Snake, The UV Race, Constant Mongrel, Terry, Dick Diver, Lower Plently, Eastlink, Straightjacket Nation, and Primo!, to name a few. They tell the story of how they got into music, moving to Melbourne, how they met, shows, tours and lots more.

Episode tile photo by David Forcier (IG @davidforcier)



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    Today I'll be talking with Grant, Billy and Zane Gardner. Grant is one of the founding members of iconic Geelong punk rock band, Bored. His two sons, Billy and Zane, followed in his footsteps over a decade later, playing in bands together such as The Living Eyes, Vertigo and Cereal Killer. Billy also started the label Antifade Records out of Geelong, which has gone on to have a huge impact on the Melbourne Punk and Proto-Garage scene over the last decade. We talk about all this and more on this weeks episode of the Modern Australian Underground

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    • Christina Pap

      Christina has been involved in the underground punk scene locally and internationally for over a decade. She co-hosts RRR’s premier punk radio show Teenage Hate, is the founder of the Stitches In My Head fanzine series and is an Australian contributor to the globally renowned Maximum Rock N Roll magazine. In addition to performing with her band Vanilla Poppers and running Blow Blood Records, Christina has been instrumental in organising international tours, festivals and numerous DIY projects including three Women In Punk calendars that uplift women in the music scene while raising money for local charities.

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