Modern Australian Underground

Rich Stanley, Jake Robertson & Aarght! Records

Rich Stanley and Jake Robertson are in the studio talking about how they met, their collaborative efforts on Aarght! Records, Drug Sweat, and lots more!


Extended Description

Jake joined Rich running Aarght! Records in the last seven or so years, around the same time they started making music together, doing the band Drug Sweat, AC/DC cover band The Acca Daccas, and more. Jake also has been or currently is in a number of other bands such as his solo project Alien Nosejob, Smarts, Heirophants, hardcore band Swab, School Damage, Leather Towel and the recently defunct Ausmuteants, while Rich started making music in the early 90’s playing in different sorts of bands such as The Onyas and more recently, the Ooga Boogas, and running Aarght! Records here in Melbourne.

I talked to them together to get an idea of their different experiences moving to Melbourne, playing in punk and rock bands, local music that has inspired them and kept them going, collaborating with each other over the last ten years as well as stories of tours and shows that have happened along the way.


  1. The Onyas - The last temptation of Macka
  2. Ooga Boogas - Mind Reader
  3. Drug Sweat - Pingu
  4. Ausmuteants - Bad Date
  5. Alien Nosejob - Airborne Toxic Event


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    • Christina Pap

      Christina has been involved in the underground punk scene locally and internationally for over a decade. She co-hosts RRR’s premier punk radio show Teenage Hate, is the founder of the Stitches In My Head fanzine series and is an Australian contributor to the globally renowned Maximum Rock N Roll magazine. In addition to performing with her band Vanilla Poppers and running Blow Blood Records, Christina has been instrumental in organising international tours, festivals and numerous DIY projects including three Women In Punk calendars that uplift women in the music scene while raising money for local charities.

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