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Hello, and welcome back to the Modern Australian Underground. I am your host Christina Pap. Christmas is only a few days away. To some people it means something to some people that doesn't. Maybe Christmas isn't a thing in your culture, maybe it's Hanukkah or Winter Solstice or just nothing and you get a few days off work. Either way, I hope you're in good company and get to enjoy a solid feed.

It's summer over here in Australia, which means we don't huddle by the fire or build snowmen but we usually have picnics in parks and give the footy a kick to. I wanted to play some seasonal tunes to spread some posi vibes, but I can't think of any contemporary Australian bands that have those sorts of songs. Plus, for a lot of people, this can be a hard time of year. So I'll stick to the good tunes and you just sit back. enjoy the sunshine, the nice bevvie while you listen to the Modern Australian underground. Alright, so let's get stuck into it. First up on the show today is Nightclub, which includes members of deathwish and bitch prefect and terrible truths and other early 2010s bands. The private party LP was released on urge records earlier in 2020. And this is listen up

Following nightclub at the start of the set, ishka from Sydney and the band Research Reactor Corp does the Satanic Togas. At least I think it's just that one person anyway, they've been in operation for about five years now with releases like shitty songs for shitty people, and I gave my kidneys to rock and roll. I would say I gave my liver to rock and roll. Thought Police was a song of the X-Ray Vision LP, recently released off Goodbye Boozy. After that new Perth band Gaffer have a demo ad on Helta Skelta Records, the song was No Pace and at the end there the amazing Sydney hardcore band Concrete Lawn with the song No Excuse. I got to play with them last year and thought they were a breath of fresh air in the mouldy basement punk and hardcore can sometimes stagnated. Anyway, let's keep digging into tunes here on the Modern Australian Underground.

Prostate were at the top there, I played the cassettes title track Funeral Politics. It's a bedroom project by Zach from Execution. I don't have any information on Zoids but I like how it sounds like someone tried to smother the recording to death with a pillow, or you're watching them from really far away. Deep Underground is a song of a cassette that is unfortunately sold out via Wartmann Inc, but they also have a cassette on Goodbye Boozy and a flexi seven inch coming out soon off the same label. After that was garbage disposal unit with a song Egg Verse Chain. It's a split cassette with Revv. And that's out off Under Heat Records. At the end there, Sydney's infamous Low Life, song Catholic Guilt was left over from their Dogging LP, and released on seven inch of London's Alter Records earlier this year. Life has been kicking Australian hardcore in the nads for almost a decade now, so if you haven't already checked them out, you should. It'll give you some perspective on the depths of the Australian underground.

The two tracks at the top of both of the most recent releases from Perth's Televised Suicide Records, No Future kicked it off with Living In Fear, followed after that by hard rock and roll band from Brisbane Knifer with Outta Love off their Electric Songs LP. The following two songs are off the most recent releases from Adelaide label No Patience Records; Nylex following Knifer with Forces, and Perspex with Sick Burden. Both bands are from Sydney and we're gonna keep that going now with Weirdo Hardcore Mutants Oily Boys.

Cool Death Records released Cro Memory Grin as the first and long awaited Oily Boys LP and it came out earlier this year. It's about to be reissued off UK label Static Shock records which is a good thing because I think it's sold out from Cood Death. Their song Lizard Scheme opened the set. Red Red Krovvy was after that, they have a new LP out this month, and you heard before you die. And then I played an Ill Globo song. It came out last year but it's the last release Aarght Records did and in my opinion, it's an underrated Melbourne punk banger. So go out and give the whole thing a listen. The song was page one. And just then, was dumb punts with up all night released through Pissfart Recordings. I gotta say, I love the label, but I hate saying the label name. This is the last segment of the episode. So I'm gonna move away from the hardcore and into some more softer, feel good territory here on Modern Australian underground.

You just listened to Flat Tire Velib with Nathan Roche. It's such a catchy tune. I really like it. I think Nathan has been living in France for the better part of 10 years now but when I met him he was living in Sydney. He's seven inch piano woman and bicycle was released off French label Gone with the Weed. Along with the next song I played, by the band Australian Idol, which is a really hard name to Google. The song, Bags, came out as a self titled cassette just before Nathan Roches seven inch earlier this year. Before that was Traffic Island Sound, with the song Not Coming. It was originally released as a cassette of Moontown Records in late 2016, but has recently been re-released as an LP by Under Heat Records. And starting off that set is a solo project of Tristan Davies from bands like Permits and The Stroppies. The project is called The Red Engine Group with the song Approachable Members.

And we're at the end of the show. Thanks a lot for tuning in. I've got a great interview plan for next week, which you'll be able to listen to at Litmus dot media or wherever you get your podcasts. That'll be the last episode for the year before I'm back in the new year with a lot of cool interviews and content from the Australian underground. I'm super excited.

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Anyway, catch you next week.