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March Radio Show ft. FLOODLIGHTS

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MAU: Hi, and welcome to another episode of the Modern Australian Underground podcast. My name is Christina Pap, and on the show today I'll be bringing you a radio show episode showcasing new guitar and electronic music from around the depths of the land down under and happening right now. In addition to the tunes, I'll be having a short chat with feel good indie pop New Zealand influence jangle rock band playing in a bar near you - Floodlights. More on that a bit later though. If you have a new release coming out a question, comment or something to say, hit me up at Litmus dot media. Also, I made tote bags as much to this podcast. They're available via if you're looking for new swag or new record bag. First on the show today is Pensioner from Perth with the song “Family Tree”.

This is the Modern Australian underground.

MAU: You were just listening to “Beauty” by Blisstake a synth pop duo who just released a digital single off “I heard a whisper” presents “Club Seven”, with the physical 7” being launched today at The Gaso upstairs. Before that was Polite Skeletons, a young punk band at a Melbourne with a new song “Screen Slave”, which contains members of bands in the same scene like Le Pine and Met Dog. In the middle and from Perth was Ghoulies with “gold chain at the TAB”, which is a song of their “Flat Earth” cassette release through Slime Street Records. A bunch of the songs on that cassette got pressed to seven inch later on in 2020. The label was quoted us fuera records from Barcelona. I hope I said that correctly.

Then Set-top Box with “Terrorvision”. Set-top Box is another side project from the one man festival that is Ishka from Research Reactor Corp, Warttman Inc records, satanic Togas and some other Sydney bands. Their TV set top LP came out off Erste Theke Ton Trager Records around a year ago in Feb 2020.

And at the top, the bedroom project by Alec from Ghoulies called Pensioner the “Family Tree” of the February 21 demo, initially just a digital release but coming out soon of Under Heat Records.

MAU: Mid last year, Floodlights release their “From A View” LP off of Spunk Records. They were finally able to launch it in December at The Retreat with Craig Dermody and Steph Hughes. After Melbourne lockdowns, we're starting to ease up a bit and I wanted to chat to floodlights about their heartwarming Australia on a sound and the success of that recent release. Give it a listen.


Louis: Yeah, so myself Louis, on guitar and vocals, on dice, and Archie on the drums

MAU: That you're like, the lineup that you started with.

Louis: Not originally it started off with another friend of ours john I was drowning in the hay sort of parted ways with the band and because Archie had recorded our first day pay also really good friends with Archie and he loved to draw me and he wants to be part of the band and it says this happened really easily. It wasn't forced or hard, really lucky just feel like going to someone else.

MAU: When I like was writing up a bit about floodlights. And Luke, can you tell me about like travelling around Australia and the impact that that had on starting the band?

Louis: Yeah, I think we're actually I travelled around Australia - Me and Ash went together on a trip with our friends and um

Ash: We I sort of drove across and met them all off in the Kimberley region of Australia. And then I guess that was, you know, why the start of the band, in the sense for our first day pay, we wrote a lot about, you know, what we talked about on that trip, and became really, really good friends in the trip. And when we got back, it was just super inspired to do something a bit different. And we both always wanted today in a band and on the tight one, not until the day they like or dijanna. Cuz never hear drama in his life. And he's like, All Star john lessons tomorrow. And he actually did it. And that's why we started the band. So he was sort of like the spark that ignited the band, I guess,

MAU :do you still feel like you said that the first EP was taken off that trip, and like moving forward with those songs, like with the music you write since then, do you still feel like, it's inspired by like, a similar like, vibe,or in your thing, or like...

Louis: I think, like, rock songs about, you know, our experiences and what's going on around us? A big part for us, is, you know, travelling and say, Australia, and all the different people that live here, and it's cool. Music about everything you say, but, I mean, I definitely think that will sort of, you know, progress in a naturally different direction as well. Like, we don't want to just be writing the exact same stuff. But I think, try and keep that stamp, I guess that we've sort of created on our music, but simultaneously sort of develop as a band as well.

MAU: Like, I mean, insane, that you have a website and everything is up on it, including your lyrics, which isn't something a lot of bands to, and is that kind of like your way like floodlights is way of being an open book in terms of a band and why not take like, the the route of like, what most bands do,

Louis: I think we spend a fair bit of time on the lyrics. And we try and really think about them. And they're often stemmed from it, a thing that we really care about and have thought about a fair bit. So in that way, we will pretty keen to have them there as well, just so in case people. Check. Also, just that there was a bit of time and thought putting to the end is such a big part of the song as well. So we will check them check them out from the website.

MAU: Last year, you had to cancel your single launch at the start. And so like around the time that that happened, you were maybe one of the first bands to experiment with live streaming, how do you feel like that, like didn't work out how you'd intended and at the time, did you kind of find it weird?

Ash: It was so weird. That was sort of getting really bad. And I remember like, when we were doing it, everyone was like, not gonna see each other again. Sorry, that last sort of chance to do something. But we're all in my bedroom. Actually, we cleared out the room and got one of our mates over to film it. And it was really surreal, because we hadn't even watched any live stream yet. I think being as well that day, which was really weird. Like sci fi.

Louis: I think there was actually a sort of lockdown imminent, like it was happening the next day. Yeah, when originally, we're gonna film it the way collide off. But then that announcement got nose, and we had just done the isolated show. And then we're gonna go, we're gonna get we're gonna get a

Ash: got a different set of clothes look fresh.

MAU: So weird. It's so different to a tight launch.

Louis: it was definitely like, a, like an adjustment they got around for you know, like, I don't know. So they'll keep going strong as they were at the start of COVID. But I think like, in the initial stages, it was really nice. You know, when you couldn't really do much watching live music. Yeah, it was pretty good.

MAU: It was definitely a bizarre time to to know that I could still go to shores while sitting in my bed.

Louis: Yeah. Sometimes I prefer it that way. Sure. Sure. Again, lots of steel. It's your reality. Reality.

MAU: Well, it's like some like things are opening up and people are still like some some shows are still doing birth you know, like they'll have the live show and but also be live streaming it while there are people that you know, it's kind of cool to have that off. Yeah,

Louis: I have seen that actually. Yeah, I guess you just get a bigger audience. If people want to say at first some people probably aren't that comfortable going out yet.

Ash: Yeah. So yeah, for sure. To adjust.I know it's it's such a different thing.

MAU: So you did that. And then COVID happened and was your first show back the ones at the retreat? Like as as your album launch?

Louis: Yeah. Yeah. They're really fun. Exhibit outbursts of energy from the band and just everyone watching. Like it was so good to say, familiar faces and unfamiliar faces, says two gigs that are trying. I think everyone was just really like

MAU: I don't even know the crab was small. It still felt sorrowful because we hadn't seen that many people and stay alone. Yeah. Yeah, it was really fun. I feel like

MAU: you guys as a band have like a very family vibe. So I feel like it kind of would have suited it as well, especially with like, your music. And Craig Damn it. And Steph, as well, you know,

Ash: yeah, it was so exciting to get to play with them, though, because Jeff was meant to play with us at the target the year before. So it was started to sort of make it happen.

Louis: It was really and I got up with this to do a few songs. And he got out with playing with the icons. Yeah. Cool.

MAU: Can you tell me some local bands that you've been listening to that like you've been digging lately?

Ash: Oh, yeah. I was just going to Kingston radio the day. They're really good. I couldn't get back into possible humans. I've also been listening to learn about Ozzy rock. Oh, like I think I could run so I find that really gets me through. Like gets me through.

MAU: Have all the releases you've done so far? Come out of spunk records.

Ash: Yes. Yeah. I think he got re released.

Louis: Yeah, got it. They got re issued on spunk and then they put out the album. Yeah. Yeah. Supposed to cry.

MAU: Yeah. So are you gonna work with them moving forward?

MAU: I think so. Yeah, we got we were gonna put something out as well. On Archie's label tinies Yeah.

MAU: Yeah. So we went to a bit of both, I think. Yeah, we thought too much about it. We were gonna set right.

MAU: One thing at a time, right,

Ash: Yeah, yeah, waking me out and staying right. And yeah, he's helped us out heaps. Since we put the API

Ash: What do you guys have coming up

MAU: with good a few ratio geeks coming out to actually Yeah, yeah, we're gonna play with like Scott and tropical Fox so much. We're really excited about emoticon, which we'll start at. And we're also playing with bad dreams and Qian at some coastal spots, I think next month, as part of this small town, big sound to us that Parsons is put together. Next year. Be nice to get out the city. And check out

Louis: we've also we've got some new stuff coming out in the next couple of months and trying to get our songs ready to record a second album in hopefully June that we can maybe put out the end of the year but yeah, fingers crossed, everything goes to plan cuz I super keen to get my music out there.

MAU: Tell me about the song a matter of matter of time,

Louis: the amount of time so that's basically just people in power, namely sort of politicians that just aren't listening to what people are saying. And that often sort of misuse their power and disguise their agenda to climb that ladder and make false promises. And they're sort of never really intended on, on on keeping them and so I think the sort of just without getting too political Yeah, so just addresses that issue of every everyone on this site. And sometimes people just aren't they often the people that have that privilege of making those decisions that could really better society.


MAU: Thank you to Louie and ash for having a short chat with me about their band Floodlights. At the top was their song matter of time off there from a view LP

Then the newest release off Chapter Music, Tangled Shoelaces with “The Biggest Movie Ever Made”. The music is pop made psychedelic new wave from Australia's youngest composing and recording band. They were aged 10 to 14 when they first started in Brisbane in 1980. By the time they broke up in 1984, having released just one seven inch single, the oldest member was still only 18. Chapter Music went through an archive of their old recordings and now presents you with “Turn my Dial: The M squared recordings and more 1981 to 1984” LP.

Melbourne teenage indie punk band The Vovos will after that with the song “Temporary Solution” to digital single release on their Bandcamp last month.

And at the bottom, you are listening to Imperial Leather, who self released this 7" in December last year. “Leatherman” is the A sidetrack.

MAU: Alright, so I've got a little shout out from my buddy up in Nambour. The Bad Habit Records webstore is now online. If you head to bad habit records dot big cartel dot com you can rifle through a curated collection of vinyl and music match. Use a discount code “MAU” for free shipping on orders or $100. Make sure you're following bad habit records on Facebook and Instagram for updates, including upcoming releases from Black Deity, and co the artist and cast and all the details on a new shop front due to open later in the year. Very exciting stuff from Borg, who has been a pillar of punk up in Queensland for the last two decades.

In the spirit of Queensland hardcore band Toy we'll be releasing a new cassette this month in Brisbane at The Bearded Lady. This is the song “Punching Bag” on the Modern Australian Underground

MAU: Toy was at the top there with punching bag of a new cassette through one of my favourite Australian hardcore labels Last Ride Records. It's a primary tape with the full seven inch coming out later in the year. I've listened to the whole thing. It's a total ripper and I'm keen to get my hands on a copy. Erste theke Tontrager released the “Safe Word” 7” by Sydney band, Arse, in October 2019. “Who comes next” is a second track of that release. Next, I played the bedroom project called Laugh. The person behind that as a guitarist of Ill Globo and Swab. The song was "Sun through gauze". I'm not sure if there's any online information about Zodiac it's the singer of Bay Area band earlier who now lives in Melbourne, Australia doing a band with punk people living overseas. That's all the info I have on them. So I'm interested to see what comes with this project. You had broken window and at the end there was Glitter Strip with Lust for Life. The demo has been released for the last ride records as well and it's available to purchase via the labels big cartel

This is the longest I've stayed in Melbourne for at least a decade and I'm starting to miss exploring other places and seeing friends in other cities. As a small step outside my bubble I hit up a press records in Sydney to say what records they've been digging lately. Nick Warnock who also does RIP Society label sent me his top five releases. So at number five of Brisbane Eternal Soundcheck Pretty in Pink with their Pretty in Pink asset and number four frantic planes rural objects LP through horn of plenty. Number three, Red Red Krovvy, then managing alpay of Helta Skelta Records in Perth, at number two Nick head voice imitator with their Plaza LP off of one 2x u and a number one of the repressed records top five list is while huie with their untitled LP of efficient space, originally released as a short run cassette through altered states. Thanks for the top five check out repress records online or at the shop front in King Street in New Town. I'm sure that'd be stuck in this new cassette out by impede the song you're listening to Sabre boy

MAU: Impede, at the start of the set, from Whyallah in South Australia in January they released “Digital Health”, a five-track cassette through No Patience Records and limited to 100 copies. After that was the song “Mayflies”, by Krul from Melbourne, off of their “A Succulent Meal” cassette release refilled the wizard records is the first release for this label. So I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that it's probably one of the members of this band starting a label which is really cool.

After that, melodic post punk outfit Body Maintenance. They've just released a self titled LP out of Unwound Records, which is super exciting. You heard the song “Transit”. At the end of last year Ouzo dropped their “Sun Dried Tomato” cassette EP. The song you heard was “A Martians Mistake”. They launched that EP at the start of February at Nighthawks with Ill Globo and Screensaver and also played with Vintage Crop at the curtain Not long after that.

And to end the show we listened to Our Carlson with the song “Ideology” of their recently released a bit much 12 inch. Owl Coulson is playing in Beechworth out in country Victoria this weekend, which is Saturday the 13th March 2021, with the UV Race. They're also playing an "Ok Motels" gig, which is a small series of gigs that have been set up in different locations in country Victoria, bring city bands out and hopefully their fans from the city to in what I assume the ultimate goal is to bring some revenue to small towns and make people appreciate life outside of the city and outside a lockdown. Our Carlson is on the bill with Smarts and Floodlights. It seems like it'll be a really fun time and I wish I was going.

MAU: And that brings us to the end of the show. I got some exciting interviews in the works, so subscribe and keep an ear out for upcoming episodes.

If you have a new release coming out a question or comment, you can hit me up through the website at Litmus dot media, where you can also stream other episodes of Australian underground or wherever you get your podcasts.

I'll catch you next time.