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Amyl and the Sniffers, from "Kmart to Gucci"

Episode Transcript

INTRO: Hi, and welcome to the Modern Australian Underground podcast. I'm your host Christina Pap and on the show today I'll be talking to Amy Taylor and Gus Romer, who both play in popular pub punk rock band, Amyl and The Sniffers. Amyl and The Sniffers started around the end of 2015 and quickly gained traction throughout the local Melbourne indie rock scene. They self-released a demo cassette titled “giddy up” in early 2016, got booked for a few gigs and their tunes start to spread throughout Australia. In early 2017, they self-released a second cassette titled “big attraction”, which blew up with a hit “I'm not a loser”, bringing them international recognition. The “big attraction” cassette was released through Burger Records later in the end, both cassettes were pressed to vinyl and released as a 12 inch in 2018 through Melbourne’s Homeless Records label. They've since gone on to extensively tour North America and Europe, release a few singles and in 2019 release a debut and self-titled LP, “Amyl and the Sniffers”. I wanted to sit down with Amy and Gus and talk about going from being a local band like so many others, to what seems like basically overnight blowing up and having extensive international tours booked hitting the runway in Milan with Gucci, winning an ARIA Music Award - Aria being the Australian Recording Industry Association for those listening outside of Australia - as well as several Music Victoria awards. We go into their perspectives on their lives as just regular young people in the local music scene trying to have a beer but constantly aware of being known and watched by the faceless world outside of their local pub, and how it's affected them socially and mentally. We had a really fun conversation. I want to thank Amy and Gus for coming in and chatting with me as well as thank you for listening.

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MAU: Yeah, so I hope you don't mind me asking this. But tell me about the circumstances around how you guys got approached by Gucci? You got a bunch of like, yeah, you like to dress up and take a bunch of photos and you got a bunch of free shit, right?

Gus: I'm a model

Amy: Such a crazy experience. I actually don't really know we, for like what we felt like yeah, Surf Bort we're really close with like, Amyl and The Sniffers for a while. Yeah, like at the time, like Surf Board and us were like quite close. And I had a friendship with Danny. And so she's like, in the fashion world a bit more in America. And she'd like done stuff with Gucci before I think and so there was like heaps of cause we were playing geeks together. They'll still like posting about us on her Instagram. So I'm gonna say that through that kind of like, oh what is this weird band, but that like literally I think they just like hit us up and we're like just...

Gus: They just emailed us one day and we're just like, come to Sicily in a week and a half and do this campaign.

MAU: Holy crap.

Amy: How crazy is that?

MAU: That’s so sick.

Amy: It’s really psycho.

MAU: Specially being like come to Sicily. Like I would go to Sicily like even if it wasn’t for Gucci. Like you know?

Amy: [Laughs]

Gus: Yeah, yeah.

Amy: Yeah it was really fucking out there like...

Gus: So bizzare.

Amy: Like flew business class which was so sick by the way.

MAU: Yeah. pretty good.

Gus: Pretty good.

MAU: Wait, what's better first class or business class?

Amy: I think first is better.

MAU: Nah, business class is better.

Amy: But business class is sick you could get a meal anytime, those steak sandwiches.

MAU: Wow.

Amy: There was like little cocktails.

MAU: With tomato and sriracha sauce? [Laughs]

Gus: [Laughing]

Amy: I’ll tell you what in cattle class, cattle class is what my dad calls it, but in cattle class they don’t have sauces. It’s like give me a condiment.

MAU: I never thought about that hey?

Amy: But you can rig the system by like…

MAU: Oh man, the scrambled eggs are so gross.

Amy: The ones that have Bloody Mary’s come through, you say ‘hey can I just have the Tabasco on my eggs’ cause they have Bloody Mary Tabasco.

Gus: They’ve got it all.

MAU: That’s the trick if you’re in business class?

Amy: No, no...

MAU: Oh that’s the trick if you're in cattle class. Ah, right. Good.

Amy: [Laughing]

Gus: You can get anything you want at any time in business class.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: Speaking of those steak sandwiches, that Amy said I had one but I've vomited it up because we were in the lounge before that, it was the first time being in a lounge. So I sampled every cocktail from the menu.

Amy: Yeah, the lounge is crazy.

Gus: Yeah, it was all free. Like they have this big cocktail menu at the bar and everything’s free.

MAU: Well then, you’re not to blame.

Gus: Yeah, yeah so I got mega fucked up before I got on the plane.

Amy: So the thing is they’ve got a buffet and they like have a cocktail but you just get a cocktail at. You don’t have to pay. How weird is that?

MAU: That’s how the other side lives.

Amy: It’s amazing.

Gus: So wild. It’s fucking insane.

Amy: Like I have such a weird relationship money and I felt like I was in hell even though it's like the nicest place you know, any like, in somewhere nice...

MAU: Yeah.

Amy: And it's like uncomfortable because it's like it should be you should enjoy it you like deeply want to be like, enjoy it. But I was like, I was like, this is so uncomfortable. And like, like act, like poised and like rich. I was like, yes, yes chill. But like I’m not...

MAU: It's like rich people want to look like, like poor.

Gus: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

MAU: You guys are in with rich people.

Amy: Yeah, we’re like really rich.

MAU: Rich like, costs a lot of money to look poor now.

Amy: [Laughing]

Gus: Pretty funny us crew like rolling in just like being pretty drunk and pretty loud.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: And just everyone kind of just turning around just like who the fuck are these people?

Amy: Yup, really funny. It was such a funny experience. Yeah, we like got to fucking, really cry. Like, it makes me feel like I'm lying. It was like crazy. But like, and also I'm like, am I lying? But we got there or whatever. And they had rented out this whole—well one we got there and it was like a private driver at the, at the place at the airport to like pick us up.

MAU: Did they have a sign?

Amy: I can't remember. I think he had a sign.

Gus: Yeah, he would have, he would have Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Amy: And then he like drove us to this like crazy hotel like it was a huge hotel that's usually closed for the season but Gucci like hired it out. But ‘cause we got there first, it was like just us in this literally huge fucking gorgeous hotel and like it's like vineyard and shit.

MAU: Far out that's crazy.

Amy: I felt like a gangster it was really cool.

MAU: [Laughing]

Amy: Umm… and then...

MAU: So you just gotta get a bottle of Hennessy then you would have been in like paradise.

Amy: I was too scared to ask. I didn’t know if I had to like pay for stuff at a bar. And I was like too scared.

Gus: Yeah, we were hella jet lagged as well. We were there for like a day or two before anybody else rocked up and just like kind of rolling around...

MAU: That sounds amazing.

Gus: Rolling around this empty hotel like, six in the morning. Just like it's kind of fucking scary.

Amy: The fashion world, yeah, it was quite intimidating as well. Because it's like, I don't think any of us have ever considered ourselves as like, like fashion crew like even like good looking crew really. So it's like we got there like, well, this is pretty intimidating. I was like, actually surprised by how nice like the staff were and like, just like normal people. It kind of was huh. But like, yeah, it's like a you know, it's really intense from like, literally like, literally like I joke about it. It's literally like from Kmart to Gucci. It's like we had no like middle ground like ease into it. Yeah. Pow, pow here we go baby.

Gus: Wait, we had fucking no money.

MAU: So just the two of you guys, yeah?

Gus: No, the first time in Sicily—that was the whole band.

MAU: Okay, cool. Oh, so you went a second time?

Gus: Then, like...

Amy: They wanted us back!

Gus: Maybe, three or four weeks later? I mean, I did Fashion Week in Milan.

MAU: Oh, my god.

Gus: So like we walked the catwalk.

MAU: Are you serious?

Gus: Yeah.

MAU: it's insane.

Amy: It was so nerve wracking. Cuz I think it's like, you know, like with the band, it's like, I just get to be me and that's like, I'm not looking for anyone else to like, give approval like it's not I don't owe anyone anything. It's just like this is me this is what I feel like doing this is what I want to express and which is super lucky. Cuz like not everyone can express themselves, but that's kind of what the band is. But then doing something like, like a catwalk Milan for Gucci. It's like, I'm employed. It's like, I have to do a good job for someone because it's like I've been employed and I'll do a good job. And it's not my like territory at all. Yeah, it's like I can't just be like I could have just been Amy, but it's like I wanted to be like a model.

MAU: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Amy: It's like, I'm like around all these like beautiful models and like they are all experienced, like I want to be a model. Like I can't just be like crazy punk Amy. But it’s also like walking in heels. I literally had never walked in heels before. So it's like I'll trying to practice and like I didn't know how to walk in heels and like, I'm short and stuff and like try to like catch up with the models. Like really fast pace is really fast and the ground was made out of

MAU: Did you get to practice, like?

Amy: Like I asked her practice, but it was on carpet but the actual catwalk was a mirror.

MAU: Oh, my god.

Amy: And then the roof was a mirror and the walls were mirrors and it had like strobe lights with this fucking daunting like, music. We did practice runs around it and they were like ‘keep up keep up’.

Gus: Oh, yeah that guy was fucked.

Amy: Like ‘don’t look at that camera, don't look in that camera’. And I remember like...

Gus: Yeah just screaming at you.

Amy: For one of their practices I was like walking along and like a corner came. And like I was like really nervous, like robot walking. And then like, the cameras section came and I like glanced at it. And they all just laughed. And I was like, ‘fuck’! And I was so nervous on the actual day. Like, who's that chick? The Devil Wears Prada. What's her name?

Gus: Anna Wintour.

Amy: Yeah Anna Wintour was like there and shit like right next to my face. And I was like, this is intense. And like they all said like, because I got a little titties, but they like bonded my tittes down properly so, like couldn't breathe properly. They wanted me to look like I had little less titties, which is fine, but I couldn't breathe and it was very stressful. The whole time like, in my head I was like, okay, what am I gonna do to like, not have a panic attack and shit while I'm like literally on the like big...

MAU: You should have asked what the other models were taking.

Amy: Well, they were like, ‘ah it’s chill, like, it's fine’ because they were already good at like... 

Gus: They were all fucking kids that have like, well we were like the oldest crew there except for like one other guy.

MAU: Are you serious?! How old are you guys?

Gus: So, whack—we are like, I’m...

Amy: 23

Gus: I’m 25 we're like 23 at the time. And like the oldest person I think I met was 22. And then they were like, 18-19 year olds,

Amy: Yeah.

Gus: Or like other people that I've met all the times and it's just like...

MAU:  What is this world?

Gus: Well, just like yet, like just fucking children and they've been scouted when they were like, you know, however old…

Amy: 15 and shit

Gus: On the street, or wherever they're from in like, mainly Europe.

Amy: Yeah.

Gus: And it's just like, that's all they've ever done is just, like, just model.

Amy: That's gonna be so weird from when they get to, like older and stuff. I've had like friends who are models, like really young, they get to like 20 and it's like, you're too old and they're like, ‘whoa’.

MAU: That's insane.

Gus: It's super, super fucking weird. And yeah, it's like, even like on another one, I was doing another thing for Gucci. Like I didn't, like this other thing in Paris. And cause like this...

Amy: Yeah, Gus did one like by himself.

MAU: Oh right, oooh.

Gus: There's like a, models bread and butter is just waiting. Because you’re just there for a week, and you might shoot once or twice in the week, which would take an hour like...

MAU: Would you just stand by eating sandwiches?

Gus: You just, you just sit there in robes pretty much you just sit there in robes for hours and hours on end.

MAU: What the hell?!

Amy: It’s such a weird world hey?

Gus: Meeting some of the crew and it's just like, it's kind of fucked up. It's just like, they’re just children. There's like, barely probably even speak English. And then they're just like, oh, like the modelling and I'm just like, ‘g’day, I'm in the middle of tour right now, like fucking what's going on, I’m Gus’! You know, like, ‘I'm from Australia, where are you from’?! And they're just like, so like quiet and like scared.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: Yeah.

MAU: It’s so bizarre.

Gus: Fucking, it's real weird.

MAU: Yeah.

Amy: But yeah, anyway, like on to backtrack. It's like yeah, when cuz I was like, super nervous. And then I was like, what am I gonna do to like, not have a panic attack or whatever. And I was like, I was like rapping Skepta because he's got that song. And it's like, ‘I used to wear Gucci. Put it all in the bin, cause that’s not me’. So I was like, I'll just like, memorise the rap. And let's rap it and just pay attention to that. So I did that. And I was like, sick and then it was done.

MAU: When you're walking?

Amy: Yeah, when I was walking.

MAU: Right.

Amy: The video’s so embarrassing. Like, it's sick and I'm super proud but I’m also like, you can see the fear,  like smell fear on me, I reckon.

Gus: It's real funny.

MAU: Yeah.Gus: It's real funny.

MAU: Is it because everyone’s taller than Amy?

Gus: Nah, they’ve got some small people, but it’s just like, even like, I like I'm holding a handbag in it. And I'm wearing like, I'm wearing a really big jacket down to my shins. And like, I walked out and I thought because you mentioned us look straightforward. I thought that my bag was flailing around. So I put my arm out and I'm kind of I'm also wearing heels that like are too big for me. Like I'm wearing like a size too big for me loafers with like that big and I've thought the bag and I was just kind of like walking like a bloody penguin and I'm just, my arm is just out here cause the bag wasn’t moving but I thought it was.

Amy: [Laughing] I actually thought both of us were walking like penguins—weirdly enough.

Gus: Yeah, it's so funny. And I just looked so sad.

Amy: Yeah, you look fake.

Gus: Oh, yeah, I had like I had all these, like fake tears on my face that like it took hours to put on and then sometimes they put it up too high and like cut into the eyeball sometimes it took hours. Because I was the first person that they were doing it to so like they kept on fucking it up trying to get it right. And then they did it to a bunch of other people. But just yeah, just sitting there and yeah, it's pretty funny.

MAU: That's a great story.

Amy: We’ve had some wack experiences.

Gus: Been around the block ‘aye.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: Done some pretty fucking wild shit.

MAU: Sounds like you got thrown in the deep end.

Gus: Yeah big time.

MAU: Would you go back?

Gus: Fuck yeah.

MAU: [Laughs]

Gus: Hell yeah. I’m model. Yeah. I don't think there won't be any more though.

MAU: Oh no.

Gus: Oh, yeah, I cut my locks off. Cut the locks off, I don’t think they want me.

MAU: Grow it back.

Gus: I’m too old now. I’m too old now. I'm 25 now I'm way too old for that shit.

MAU: Did you have the fear of like, did you like, because there's so many movies where they like, walk the catwalk, and then they just like kind of stumble in their heels.

Amy: I was a hundred percent sure I was going to cark-it. Oh yeah, I’m going to slip. Cause I was like I don't know, I literally can't walk in heels even to this day. I'm like, I don't know.

MAU: Yeah. Oh but you’ve got the thick heels with like, you got the...

Amy: The thick heels are like a boot...

MAU: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Amy: But even then I'm like, pretty like and especially cuz I got the wonky knee and that so it's like, I was literally like, I'm in my head I was like, okay, this is what's gonna happen, Amy you're gonna cark-it and then you just gonna go full punk mode and you're just gonna have to like, get hectic and like kind of like crawl and start running or something like into it.

Gus: [Laughs]

Amy: Life’s full of surprises—that's what's exciting. That's like, if that can happen. I'm kinda like, oh, anything actually can happen.

MAU: Yeah, totally. Like, I mean, you kind of started a solo career.

Gus: Yeah Gus did his modelling.

MAU: No, but I mean, you would like Sleaford Mods.

Amy: Oh, yeah. I’m so pumped on that. Yeah love those bands heaps. So yeah, that's pretty sick.

Gus: Actually, I have a question about that.

Amy: Yeah.

MAU: So I was gonna say, you know how DD Ramone was like he did Ramones and then he had a short lived rap career.

Amy: [Gasps]

MAU:  But like the question was like, I was like, so DD Ramone had a short lived rap career after the Ramones, which didn't last long. And he eventually went back to punk. I was like, what are your plans for the future of your solo career?

Amy: I love rap music. I was, if I in a heartbeat I would fucking rap every day all day. But yeah, that's like the main thing. I reckon. 

Gus: Amy’s the only person I know who can like freestyle, you know, at some fucking party or some shit. And like a bunch of drunken dickheads are like [tries to beatbox] and just like just do the worst freestyle.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: Amy's the only person I know that can actually just does it and she just gets it. And she just lights everyone up. Just nobody's safe. She...

Amy: Nobody's safe.

Gus: Just fucks everyone up and it's so fresh.

Amy: Nothing brings me more joy than to rap.

MAU: Do you remember the circumstances around like seeing your first flyer or to go to like a show? Like in your respective towns?

Gus: Not really, like for me, I went to like, I went to one death metal gig and grade eight. And I was like, oh, this is a bit scary.

MAU: Did you have the hair for it?

Gus: Nah, aw yeah I did, actually. Well, I had yeah, I had long hair. And I was like, you know, I like playing in little high school bands with my friends and stuff. I went to that and I was like, fuck, that's pretty scary.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: And I was like, ah, I wasn't really into it. And then I was Psycroptic for any, for any Tasmanian, Tasmanian metal heads out there listening.

Amy: What does that word mean?

Gus: I think they hit it pretty big. Some metal shit. But then after that, I kind of like lost interest in music for like a really long time. Yeah. And then going to the pub was just going to the pub to drink with my mates was what got me into going to shows again. And like then afterwards playing in bands, like I was just at the pub drinking with my mates and there was just always shows on and shit and like, I have fucking you know, just give cheap beers or whatever. And then it's like, just gradually start going and start like enjoying it and getting into it that way.

MAU: Yeah, yup.

Amy: Yeah. Um, I don't know what my I don't know if I saw a flyer is like cuz yeah Mullumbimby is pretty small. It's like, kind of like hippy kind of crew or whatever.

MAU: Where is Mullumbimby? Is it near Byron?

Amy: Yeah it’s near Byron, yeah so it's like near there but Byron had this thing called BBHC which was Byron Bay Hard Core and I remember I had a friend at the time went up, like I haven't seen her in like years and I have no idea anything but I had a friend of the time called Laura. And just when I was about 13 or 14, she took me along like a hardcore show in Lismore, which is like, and I was like, fuck this is so sick, like, it's like, everyone's like punching each other and like, you know, it was like, just everyone's like, angry. And shit and I was like, whoa, this is really really sick. So now I just kind of like went along to a lot of that kind of stuff. Like there's like all ages shows, and like this thing called the Yak, which was like a youth centre, like had like, gigs come through there. And that was really small, you know, like, small bands would play like 40 people and sometimes they'd be like, up to 100 but it was yeah, I just really loved it and like loved the kind of atmosphere and stuff like that and like, you know, pushing people and stuff.

MAU: Was it more like that Parkway Drive kind of scene?

Amy: Yeah, Parkway Drive like it was like Amity Affliction. But then there was like, you know, like, it was like a band called 50 Lions, I think.

MAU: Yeah.

Amy: Yeah, but like, I never knew any of the bands. And it's like, I'll listen to them a little bit like on my like, iPod or whatever. But mainly, I just liked like, the kind of like socialising and I liked that you could like socialise and like I have so much energy and like, it was such a sick place, like get rid of energy, and like be around people, but I didn't necessarily have to like hold a conversation. It was just like, yeah, it was like being around people and like being included in something without having to ever know anyone's face or name. Really. Which is kind of sick. I got dropped off by my mum, like get picked up by like 11 but it was, like sick. I don't know. I just really liked it. Music isn't like a pop quiz for me. I mean, it's like I don't know, like fun facts about bands that I know like, the name of like singers or bands or guitarist of bands. Like I don't know any fucking thing about no shit, but I like music and I like I like live shows and like listen to shit but it's not like it's not like a I'm not studying it...

MAU: Yeah, yeah.

AMy: Enjoying it and experiencing it and it's like actually no fuck about fuck, but it's works for me.

MAU: When you moved into this share house in St Kilda, right, did you any of you guys know each other? 

Amy: Um, yeah, cuz I moved down, I moved down and lived in Larverton with like Bryce, his current drama, and Callum, who's our first bass player. And then we moved from Laverton into St. Kilda, and then I Declan moved in at some stage. So Gus is our second bass player, but he's been in the band for like, five, six years. Yeah. Um, and Callum was in for like, one.

Gus: So yeah, coming up on four years at the moment.

Amy: Yeah, but I grew up like I met Bryce when I was like, 13 or 14, again, like up home because he's from Lenox Head, which is like a similar area, like, say, for coastal vibes or whatever. Yeah, um, I didn't know him well at all. But like, I knew Calum quite well. And then yeah, just moved in together and thought of playing like that, really.

MAU: So why did you choose like St Kilda or like the south-side to move when like, there's more of like, ah, maybe like, it's a different punk scene on the north-side, I guess. But...

Amy: I think as well, it wasn't like a driving factor. Like, again, like I didn't know there was like a scene or whatever. And like, I didn't really know much about local Melbourne bands. And I didn't really know anything. It was just kind of like, oh, that's closer to the city. Like when I moved to Laverton. I was like, well, Melbourne’s crazy. But I was like, it's not like I thought it'd be like, I didn't really go to gigs when I lived out there. And I was like, well, yeah, there's like a big Coles here. Like, that's cool. And a train station I can walk to. Yeah, and then moved to St. Kilda, and I was like, whoa, Melbourne’s really hectic. Like, I didn't really realise what that was. Because like, I was just scratching the surface, like, just like a kid, kind of like, Oh, cool. This is cool. Yeah. Um, but then once we move to St. Kilda. It's like, I'd go to gigs, like four nights a week. And I was like, I get it now. Yeah, that's like, northsides popping.

MAU: Yeah.

Amy: I think it's like a classic thing as well from like, from people I've talked to is like to move down and like go to St Kilda and be like, oh, yeah, it's like, I was from the coast. Like, it's nearly coast, like how goods this like, but I and then like, I feel like eventually kind of like integrating like, oh, yeah okay, this is what sick and that's what sick and secure has its merits do like we're talking about before. It's like just a real like, trance and stuff like a real kind of riot crew. But yeah, yeah, it's like, it's just nice to be close to stuff. Definitely.

MAU: So how long were you in St. Kilda? Like, why did you move to the northside then? And like, which one do you prefer?

Amy: I moved to the northside. I can't remember why I think I was just done at that house. Like I lived there for two years or something.

MAU: But this was like, you're like living with your bandmates?

Amy: Living with our bandmates, and I think it was just intense, like, just like personal stuff with like, between crew and like, there was like other people living in the house too. And I think I was just like, I'm gonna move out and like, try to move like the lease was ending…

Gus: Yeah the lease was ending.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: Yeah, everyone was moving out. Where did you move after? Cuz Bryce went to Balaclava.

Amy: I moved around heaps that year. I was just like subletting for about like a year. I think I'd moved like five times in a year but I think I crashed with you in for a bit and Coburg was in Clifton Hill like a sublet a day, which was sick. When I still worked at Coles I’d just walk to work. way.

MAU: Yeah. Yeah right.

Amy: Like escape I used to work at Scoop n Way, which is you know, that nut section. So it's like, I was like a scoop and like, like, the scraping company, company Rep. So you'd go in? Yeah. And you'd like tidy up the nut section. Then you'd refill it needed. You'd like to come around. You'd wash the canisters, and you'd have like a little hot little vest and yeah, yeah, it's kind of see.

MAU: Yeah, super cool.

Amy: I bought it was right. Yeah. And I'd snack all the time. Like, I wasn't meant to but girl, sometimes I forgot. But yeah, I know for a bit. I live with Gus and Coburg and I hit my knee and it was like all upstairs. So I moved in with my sister for like two weeks to...

MAU: What did you do to your knee?

Amy: I tore the cartilage in it.

MAU: Your knee works pretty well for someone like just judging by your stage performance like goes pretty well.

Amy: It’s back with a vengeance. Yeah, I did it on stage. I like did like a slut drop with like boots on. And then I just felt like this mad tear and that’s bad.

MAU: Yeah.

Amy: And then like, stayed up all night. And I was like to the boys, I was like, guys, like, I think something's really wrong. And like, I'm like, Yeah, whatever. And then and then went Yeah, went back to my friend's house. And I was just like, in so much pain. I stayed up all night just like tearing up like what's going on?

MAU: I mean, it's good that you're getting your throat shit done. Yeah, cuz I feel like like, I mean, pretty much everything you do relies on it right now.

Amy: Yeah literally. It's like, it's because I've always had troubles with my voice just because I'm not trained in any way. And like, I just like, rip it to shreds. I think I'm just trying to like, lose it. But yeah, I can, like hear that. My voice is like, deeper and hectic and stuff. So I'm like, it's time to fix it. Yeah, sometimes I've literally been like, can't even like muster up like a like, a little wimpher and then like, I'm just like, fuck it, I gotta do it. And I can like do this set, but then like, trying to talk to him like, hello.

Gus: Yeah there’s nothing after like before often there'll be like, days of just like literally like, just like hand signals in my face and mouthing words and then like, absolutely, like fucks shit up on stage.

Amy: Pretty devastated. I'm like, kind of like chat with people. I'm like a pretty chatty person. I'm like stuck in my fucking flesh prison. Yeah, but yeah, I'll pressure will be sick just like a cyst of whatever. So it's like, I think I talk through my throat well, I actually think I need to be more naisaly and like talk like, because I think it like protects you, but like.

MAU: Did you like like, I mean, do you have like a vocal coach now that's like telling you this shit? Or is this like, oh, Web MD or something? [Laughs]

Amy: Well, well, um, yeah, I had like, some vocal singing lessons, because I was like, I need like, help. And I like like singing so I want to like figure this out. But then yeah, before the operation, I've had to have like a couple of like, because they're like, sometimes you can like fix the cyst by like, just like doing little things like on like, massages it, but she was like, This isn't helping you need and I'll let you down for that. But she was kind of telling me like you should talk more like naisaly, and I was like, full doing like little warm ups and stuff, but I just could chill.

MAU: I watched like a bunch of your interview videos? Do you ever get like when you're on tour and you have to do these interviews? Do you ever get tired of talking about yourself?

Gus: 99 99% of the time and two views of so bog standard and shocking. And like, even like we copped it on the last, like the first album we released, we were on tour. So we were doing like so much press for it. And so you'd be rocking up to a venue every day overseas. And it'd be like two photoshoots, two, three interviews every day for however long. And it's so rare that you get an interview. That's like, even like beginning to be like interesting or engaging. Yeah, and something that's like, cuz once you get that, and you have like a good conversation, and it's like, cool. Yeah, it's like, oh, fuck, yeah, that was sick. Like, you know? Yeah, like, you actually asked, like, like, insightful questions. There's not just like, oh, yeah, he saw. Oh, yeah. Cool.

MAU: I’m just going to delete a few of my questions.

Gus: So all of that, and it's like, fuck.

MAU: Yeah.

Amy: I think it's kind of just like, uncomfortable and like a weird kind of social interaction. Cuz like unto all I don't really socialise that much, because I have, like, I always lose my voice. And so then like, in 10, it kind of looks like the only socialise that I have is like interviews. It's just a weird way to like, interact with humans, because you kind of like all these are like real, kind of like surface level chats, which is sick, and like, I'm sure people want to listen to that. But at the same time, it's kind of like, it doesn't get over, it doesn't feel real. And then it's like, I feel like there's probably more in my brain that I could share. Like, they feel like prompted, but it's like, it's just funny. And it's easy to just be lazy with it and just like give the same answer every time. But it's also kind of fun, because it makes you think about stuff creatively. Like if you ask the same thing constantly, like, alright, what else happened? Like, oh, what do I actually think about that? Because you kind of want to say more like, make it interesting. So you're like, it's a bit of like a weird. We're not in this challenge or something. But I think somebody asked. I think there's like a couple of funny things like someone else we got the name and I think, like Hilltop Hoods Nosebleed Section. They're like, what's that lyric and they're talking about? Like, ‘this is for the punks—keep sniffing’. And stuff like that was like, oh, yeah, that's how it came to the name cuz like yeah we’re punks. Yeah, like, just like that, um, dumb shit like that.

MAU: Is it difficult that like, do you feel like, if you guys do an interview, you're it's always you and one of the guys right? Does that get tiring? Like, it's never like you and Declan.

Gus: Yeah, like, I mean, majority of the time whoever's doing it like they want Amy. And second of all, want Declan.

MAU: Okay.

Gus: And then...

MAU: Oh, good for you.

Gus: Doesn't go astray Too often, but yeah. I mean, like, it's not ... 

MAU: Why Declan is because he's a guitar player?

Gus: Yeah, they'd want the two main people, so to speak.

Amy: I think the other weird thing with interviews is like, you know, it's like, I don't really I've never really thought before I spoke or anything, but now it's like, you kind of have to be conscious of shit. Because once you say something, it's like, in time forever and like, you're like, you know, unless you're like super comfortable with where you're at and shit. It's like, you get judged on stupid shit just like say, especially if you're like, exhausted, like on tour, and you just like bad good and like, in a weird headspace you like say something and it's kind of like a mark next to your name forever. And that Yeah, like, even if it's nothing even intense, like if you just like, oh, I fucking like hate human beings, like, and then it's actually I don’t but it's just like the mood im in.

MAU: You have a pretty like, and it's a good thing. Like you have like a possy demeanour, you know, but it's like, not everyone's possy all the time. And if you feel flat, like if people are watching, I feel like then they're gonna be like, oh, like, it's like, they don't want to see you like that.

Amy: Yeah, and maybe it's in my head, but I feel like in general people like hypercritical of people in the press and that and it's like No, I'm just like a human like saying dumb shit. That's chill, you know what I mean?

MAU: Yeah, for sure. Because I watched like an early interview with you guys. Doing the one on Sin FM before you guys did the launch.

Amy: My god!

MAU: You're like, I don't mean to swear. I don't mean to swear. And then like later on, like I watched some interviews and like fucking this fucking that.

Amy: Cuz it’s super nerve racking and the way that like I was trying to do interviews was like job interviews were you like trying to like, you know, like, that's the only experience we've had with interviews myself. So anyway, you like doing it as being like, hey, I'm really like, arrive on time and trying to like sell yourself to the like, because you want the job. But then, like, at some point it clicked in my head. I was like, wait, this isn't that like, I can just tell everyone what I want? Yeah, as well because like, you know, we're pretty young, like we're babies in the scheme of things. So it's like when we started. It's like, I was like 20 or whatever we did our first interview, so it's like, just a different brain set as well. Yeah, like all fuck, yeah I don't know, I cunt.

MAU: But I also feel like people like you being your authentic self, you know? And that's like something that is like really engaging and why? You know what I mean? Yeah, I just not like it just like a persona, or whatever. You just like, oh, I like doing what I'm doing. And I like to chuck a mosh. I mean, it sounded like 2019 you guys toured a shit tonne, right?

Amy: Yeah.

Gus: Yeah. 2018/2019 was the real the real fucking hard one. Yeah, we absolutely smashed it. Punched it real hard.

MAU: Yeah. Yeah, you like, get sore hands and wrists and shit playing guitar and stuff. But like, yeah, like you said, it's like you're singing and then you want to talk to people and you just can’t.

Amy: Yeah, you just can't. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You like forced to, like, just be antisocial and stuff. So it's like, I feel like you know, like to his fucking like, you shared that fucking funny thing on Instagram with like, the guy talking about two-up? Oh, like I just saw the other day and it was like, he's got me like, I fucking hate tour.

MAU: Dude, that was Mikey y'all.

Amy: Oh, was it?

MAU: Yeah, that was like, cuz I was because I did the Amy and owl thing. I was like, looking at the videos. I was like watching that one. He's just like, so how do you feel? He's like, oh, you know, it looks like I'm doing a good job on stage. But really, I just want to fucking die. And I was like, laughing I was like, crying.

Amy: I love that. I saw that. And I was like, Yes, bitch. Like, cuz it's literally like put into words, I love the gig part of it. I'm like, this is safe for the rest of it. I'm literally like, fuck this shitt. Anyway.

Gus: Yeah. Big so it can get real fucking cooked. Especially in Amy’s situation if she can't talk and shit. Yeah, and she's just like, kind of like huddled up in a green room like trying to fucking hide from people. Yes. Drunk punishers that are just like, oh fucking hell haven't, I haven't seen a band as good as you since the 70s. And you just get so yeah, I'm bald fucking middle aged white man. ‘Oh man, haven’t seen men as good as the Sex Pistols. You guys are real punk’. And it's like get fucked cunt.

MAU: Yeah, they really like saying that shit aye?

Amy: Yeah, like we’re fine but there's so many bands like, equally as good as us. It's just like, they haven't had the same amount of like exposure or whatever. Or like, chose not to have the same metrics, but...

Gus: They just don’t get it. They get a couple of drinks in them then want you to sign every fucking like every record they have. Yeah. And then it's like, you know, after Amy’s set, when can't talk and they just barge into the green room. And it's just like, me, it's like, super isolating.

MAU: It’s so weird that they feel so entitled to do that.

Gus: So entitled. People are just like fucking, you're just yeah, how they like get in your space. Yeah, I think that you fucking owe them everything.

Amy: Like, I feel like two minds about that. Because it's like, on one hand, I like really love that. Like, if I didn't lose my voice, like, I'd be pretty damn, like, just like chat with people like, oh, this is sick. They're like, we're doing something that people like, and that feels nice and like to fix it and stuff like other super flattering. But on the other hand, it's like, you know, like, I've only got a certain energy and like, I've only got a certain amount of like, social fucking currency. And it's like, I do need to like, yeah, reserve that, like, be a sane human. But at the same time, it's like, I don't want to be cunt. But in some places, you just have to be because you like, I just want to chill. Like, I just want to, like, catch up with this person or like, or, you know... 

MAU: I totally, yeah I know.

Amy: Yeah, cuz it's got like, it's sick. But it's also like, yeah, I think it's just overwhelming to like, cuz, like, I can socially like chat and chat, but it's like, actually also really struggle, like socially and like to, like, maintain friendships properly, like, all that kind of stuff. But it's like, people just expect that it's like, super crazy for me because I like, literally my face is like resting smiley face. Like, yeah. Also, I think back to like, the old crew kind of thing. I think, like, there's definitely like a bunch who was supportive, but at the same time, it's like, I think a lot of them are surprised as well. Because they have this idea about us. Like that. We're like, a certain kind of person, but they're surprised when we kind of like drop in on like, political like ideas and stuff like that. Like even if it's like something like feminism when it's like bitch what the, fuck do you think this is like I'm in a bikini? This is for me, but like, a surprise, but like super subtle stuff, where it's like, this is our opinions. You know what I mean?

MAU: Yeah, they don't want to hear it.

Amy: Oh, we really like you. And you're such a sweetheart, but I wish you would like stop talking about like, I don't know, like, indigenous rights or something. And you like, shut the fuck up. Yeah. It's like a little like at the end of the day, we're saved. Or I'll be like, pretty limp.

MAU: Yeah, like, do you have a like, like, if someone goes up to her, like, do you have like a third eye kind of like looking out for I mean...

Gus: To an extent but also, Amy can fucking like handle her own shit. Yeah, so good. I'd like totally trust that.

Amy: It’s super weird. Well because it's like yeah, cuz it's with we started so young and stuff and everything's popped off for us like pretty young. We just like sick or whatever but it's also like it shapes you super weird socially because it's like, that's like a normal for us to be like, oh, like someone's punishing me which like normal career don't have to think about it's like shapes you brain real unhealthy like you're like, but it's like it should be a sick thing or whatever then you like this is a weird thing it's kind of like odd to land and apply something like oh what the fuck is going on?

Gus: Totally and even like just going to the pub and just like you know you just trying to have a couple of casual drinks and like people just staring at you. And you're like, are they stare at me cuz they know who I am. Or are they staring at me just because it looked different or something or like do they just fucking hate me? And you just have like, no idea it just walking down the street or whatever? Yeah, and it's kind of just yeah, it's like interacting in the world and kind of a different way.

MAU: That’s weird.

Gus: That's what it is. So you feel so much more like visible? Yeah, and then you don't know. Don't know. And then just even just like yeah, people just fucking like shouting shit out of cars at you and beeping and I'm just like, oh, fucking like really? Well, I thought it was super weird. Like when I moved to Melbourne…

Amy: It’s kind of normal for women sometimes.

MAU: Yeah. Yeah. Like, it'd be funny if it was just like a bunch of middle aged ladies like. Yeah.

Amy: [Laughs] Like tradie ladies?

MAU: [Laughs] Yeah.

Amy: I’m a super paranoid person. Like, in general. Like I'm like, super like everyone's got ulterior motives. Yeah, so it's like, yeah. Yeah, but everyone is out to get everyone. Maybe, oh, maybe I'm just paranoid. Like, I mean, and this is like, zooming out in terms of like, the whole world, not just, it's not super nice. When you find like, I feel like the best kind of people are the people who like deeply, like, supportive and like down for you to do whatever and, like, try new things. But also, they are the same kind of people that will call you out if you actually are doing something that's like, offensive, like affecting, like, just like, morally wrong, like, because you don't want to be like some you don't wanna be around people who like, what, like you did that. That's crazy. And all you did was like buy a soda that was like, not $5 but $10. Like, please call me out if I’m being a dickhead. Or like, doing something that's like, deeply offensive or, like, upsetting to you. Like, I'd really want to hear it. But if I'm not, like, literally, like, pass away. Yeah, and I feel like most people just stand alone anyway, like, in general, like, most people just want to, like learn and like be the best version of themselves. Like, it is that I really think like that. I think deep down that's like the vibe.

MAU: Hmm.

Amy: You know, so it's like, it's criticisms dope. But it's just like, careful. Be careful.

MAU: After talking about Gucci, have you been approached by like a company or a band or anyone that you haven't wanted to work with?

Amy: Yeah, kinda. We've got some, like, weird offers, like, I'm pretty sure, but nothing heeps like, nothing intensely, like, I think Tic Tok, were like, oh, we're looking for like, bands or whatever. And like, vaguely, like, I don't know, just like random shit like that, where it's like a half off and it is kind of like scouting shit and it comes to our inbox. And it's kind of like, they haven't like specifically asked for us, but like, nah like.

MAU: Just seems like a generic email or something.

Amy: Yeah. Or it's like, through like, a company or whatever. And they kind of like, seems interested in that. If we were to, like, agree, then it would like the conversation would go further. But we kind of realise like, yeah.

Gus: I can shed like, I don't know, cuz like, half the time. Well, when she was like, you know, for 2019 for example, when shit was normal, and like, you'd get like the fucking like Rod Laver to, uh, like those big bands and all that shit. You get a bit of that, like I can’t even...

MAU: Oh, what band?

Gus: I’m trying to remember, there’s been so many.

MAU: John Farnham.

Gus: We’ve had like, it was like we've had like, it's so long ago, so fuck, like, it's actually like, had a fair few. Like, I could be wrong, but I'm like shit, like, maybe like, fucking like Jane's Addiction or like Queens of the Stone Age. It's like shit like well, like I could be like totally wrong even saying no as I can't really remember something like like those bands. That vibe of that sort of shit. And it's like all right touring Australia you wanna support? And half the time we even if we wanted to, we couldn't have because we were just doing shit already. Yeah, cause shits planned so far in advance.

MAU: That's kind of a good excuse to get out of it.

Gus: Yeah. Even if it's just like but yeah, but kinda like a lot of that shit.

Amy: Yeah, even like um you know, cuz before this time last year, I think it was like March or that was like June last year were meant to go on tour with Greenday and Fall Out Boy and it was a European tour. It was Greenday headlining then it was Fall Out Boy and then us opening so that was like fully like announced and stuff which is like huge and sick and like fucking unreal and crazy. But I remember it was like a bit of conflict. Like when we were asked, this is pretty hectic and stuff. A lot of the time. It's like making a decision kind of thing being like, what kind of like, what are we like what is I think in the end, it just comes down. We have no idea what we're doing and we just take random shit and sometimes it's good and sometimes it's really embarrassing.

MAU: Yeah

Gus: Big time.

Amy: We do heaps of stuff that's embarrassing like not aligned with our morals and shit just do it for some reason like the I don't really know yet.

Gus: Like not even like that we just like because at the start it was a super conflicting thing like Greenday thing it was like whoa like truth like well I don't know about this I feel like that.

MAU: It’s hard because it's like you think back you're like all they were like a punk band originally yeah like and like but like they haven't been underground for like a long, long time.

Gus: Massive and like at the start it was like whoa, like fuck, I don't know about this, but then towards the end I was like, fuck now is fresh like yeah, fucking roll it like it was like it was like, Fuck yeah, I was sick. I can't fucking wait for this damn. Like, fuck, it is a new thing. It's a new experience. It's like doing a fucking stadium tour around Europe.

MAU: This is for you, Amy, I saw that you did like a cooking show. You also like to paint. So if you had to choose between one or the other, which one would you prefer?

Amy: I would definitely paint because I like paint because it's like slowing down. And like I can like use my brain and like this and other stuff. And like paint. It's just kind of fun. But cooking. I'm not very good at it. And I don't know anything about it.

MAU: So like, you've been active as a band for like, honestly, like a shy, it’s been under five years now?

Amy: Yeah.

MAU: Like, do you ever, like, look back on like, videos and interviews and shit and just like, like, how does it feel to like, see the changes its intent in such a short amount of time?

Amy: Well, I don't hate the past. That's a bit intense. But I guess like I was saying at the start or whatever. It's like you say something or you are who you are for a second and it's just everything's like snapshots of that. It's kind of like, we kind of have like, grown up publicly almost. It's like weird as cuz then you're like, fuck, that's embarrassing. That's fucking embarrassing. Look at what I'm doing. I'm like, shut the fuck up. beeyotch but it's just part of it. Yeah, but I've mainly never, like ever, like listen to old music and stuff. Like, we've done good with that, like this lyrics, because I'm coming from a place where I think I personally have evolved and you’s have evolved. I like look back and like, what the fuck how do people?

Gus: You just changed so much. Yeah. And then like, you look back and it's just like, oh, true, like it does. It does have to look but I mean nowadays just choose. Oh, like in terms of everything. In terms of like, personally, like, I don't really, I don't look back at all videos. Just like a don’t read reviews. I don't read anything. Like I don't read any Instagram comments. I’m so like...

AMy: But there's definitely stuff I'm like, oh, fuck, yeah, that's pretty sick. Like, that was a good show. That's cool. There's fluid from that, like, oh, that's kind of like, whatever. Like, I kind of like pay that. That's just what it was. I'm like, yeah, sick. But then sometimes like, oh, girl, why are you wearing that?

MAU: Oh, it's hard because I feel like it's the past but at the same time, you know that when you were doing that stuff you were trying your hardest so you can't give yourself shit. You know? Like you can't just be like at the same time being in the future you've changed since then, you know, you've got to give yourself props because that's...

Amy: All you know at the time or whatever.

Gus: Anyway even still, like everything you do, even if you like personally you look back on the past and like you cringe at it, but there's still fucking back like fuck that's cool. Yeah, like you know, they like think that what you were doing was cool and they're really into it even with like all bands like yeah, yeah, I like still have people coming out...

Amy: Yeah it’s kind of sick it's like kind of appreciate like, well, I might think this is a bit how's it going or whatever now but at the time it's like I was super super fuckin deeply proud of that and heaps resonate with it for like whatever reason it's like that's fucking dope as.

MAU: Who do you reckon would win in a fight? Bon Scott. Or Lobby Lloyd and why? @46:10

Gus: Wolf?

Amy: I reckon I...

Gus: How tall is he?

MAU: Do you want me to give you a year or something?

Amy: Like I feel like Lobby Lloyd would win but all I feel like Ben Scott is hyper. But he's quite small. I reckon he'd kind of like a let's let's go and be like, oh, hype, but Lobbing Lloyd would just be like, like punch him and then he'll like, be done. But maybe, like, quite peaceful and like, within himself and be like, Look, I don't care can an intern he was like, I don't want to fly. I'm gonna put my money on Lobby.

Gus: Yeah I’ll pay that for sure.

Amy: If you are calm and present and like on it, that's when like the best fight has happened. I noticed because on the one that’s got I'm like, I'm so far in like short fuse.

MAU: Well, I was gonna ask out of the three guys in the band who would win a fight because Amy's out because she would automatically just like win.

Amy: Hmmm, that would be fun to watch.

Gus: That would be some spicy shit.

Amy: I go back to watch it in my head, I see like three fish.


Amy: I don't know. I feel like there's some in Bryce like, he’s like a whale and I don't know how deep he goes. But I know that under the surfaces and fucking evil and I feel like he could win out of just like Declan would like to think he would win but I think that he's the biggest one. And I feel like he could definitely get some good hits in but I don't think it's at all which is dope, but you would chuck in a couple of strong elbows and like maybe like a choke?

MAU: Out of all of that, who’s on top?

Gus: No comment

Amy: Like everyone’s got something, like Declan’s got like the height and like the long arms everyone's probably got like pent up demons. I think they love each other too much.

Gus: No comment.

MAU: So okay no answer to that one that's gonna be a next music video—I reckon.

Amy: That’s a sick idea.

Gus: We will get the jelly fight cracking.

Amy: I don’t reckon you will though.

Gus: We go to keep something before…

Amy: Yeah at the Aria’s they got to dress us or whatever. They gave us outfits at the Aria’s which was fucking sick.

MAU: For 2019 yeah?

Gus: Yeah.

Amy: Um, have you given away yours?

Gus: I've pretty much given away a lot of it.

Amy: Yeah.

Gus: I've given away a lot of shit. I’ve got some loafers, I got some Gucci, I got a tracksuit, I got some jewellery. And shit.

MAU: Way to brag.

Gus: I've given, I've given...

Amy: Like I reckon two beers in you'll hear from like a distant echo just like a ‘I’m a fucking Gucci model’.

Gus: Not even two beers. I’m a model.

Amy: He’s not even lying.

Gus: Yeah, you can call me a lot of things but I’m not a liar.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: I’ve been around the block.

Amy: Senior citizen.

Gus: [Laughs] Big time. Fucking big time. The fucking super coming in straight away.

MAU: Ever punk bands from Australia from the last, or bands from Australia. Um, I mean, aside from the last couple years yeah.

Gus: Fucking fully.

Amy: I feel like when we first started like we played with it like I really loved garage music and played with hips, garage bands, like, you know, like down punks and drunk moms and like that kind of you know, I like that kind of evolved and stuff and like, like all the kind of like maggot fests lineups was sick, and I really liked Sex Drive. I think they're great. I really like this has been called Nasho, but I don't think they play anymore. But I really like them. Yeah. Um, there's like a band called like Miniskirt. Which I pay them a fair bit. I really like Parsnip Yeah, Spike Fuck are awesome. I really like Peter Bibby. I listen to a lot of definitely just like kind of mainly been listening to like rap and hip hop, like intensely for the last like two years, to be honest. But um, maybe that's a stretch but a long time. Again, it's like same kind of vibe where it's like I love gonna say live music and stuff and like, truth be told, and actually listen to that much music but I love like checking on like radio shows because I like it's like, you know how like, you go on Netflix and you try and like pick a movie and you just can't think any but like, if you just check on TV. Yeah, like flick and you like enjoy it.

Gus: Total Control was my first or not even I was actually because I was thinking about it. Hmm. I was trying to I was thinking about it before coming in my first like, foray into Melbourne music, at least was I will even then even kind of the Australian unders going on in Hobart. I was like, fuck what was it was like, I, I've been going to legal shows. I mean, I was like a bunch of local shows, and I was kind of getting into it. Da-da-da and I was like wanting to start a band. And then I started a new job like the first week, in the first week that I mean, this guy called Richie, I ended up starting a band with later. And the first thing and he was again, shit, and I really didn't know anything. And he was just like our da-da-da is that you should listen to cunts. Yeah, these are the cunts that so so fucking checked out concert after that. Like that's running through him. He put me onto like other certain bands. And then even when I first met Declan at the Brisbane Hotel in Hobart, because my old band played with his old band, and I was like, oh, like, give me some like, Melbourne bands to listen to, and I was trying to think and he told me listen to Grotto and he told me listen Whipper. Right, so good. I fucking awesome. Both of them told me one other band, but I can't really I can't remember who the fuck it was because I was thinking about it. But then after that, because then after I met Bryce and Amy because I was in Melbourne for the first time.

Amy: This is how I met him, by the way. So I was like, asleep in that and I just came home from probably like, Revs or something. I’m just walking down the hallway I’m like shut the fuck up, like I could just constantly every five minutes I'm Guss from, from Tassie, I’m Gus from Tasmania. I play in Bus Money, literally. Anyway, they all jumped on my bed. My bed like Gus was like, oh yeah like, I'm all like, try and talk and stuff do you want to come. So he came for coffee with me. And we're sitting at this like coffee shop just around the corner. And he just kind of like passed out. And I was like, what the fuck?! And then kinda came to. And then I was like ‘okay we’re just gonna walk home’. We like walked passed the Coles and he pissed on it, and I was like this guy is pretty out there bro. 

Gus: But that was my like, first introduction, but then meeting the band. I started coming to Melbourne every month, and stay with them. And I'd like go to Maggot Fest and shit. And like, fucking just do all that sort of stuff. Which got me more and more into it, like well into it.

Amy: Right. Well into it.

Gus: Yeah, cuz before I was like, when I was in Tassie, before I came to Melbourne, I was like fuck Melbourne, fuck all these cunts.

MAU: Well when you were there you weren’t listening to music anyway, you were saying.

Gus: Well this is after that, like I had already started playing music by this point.

MAU: Alright.

Gus: Like I'd already like I was in like two or three venues there. But Hobart’s like, it's pretty, like pretty pressed for venues. It's like mainly Brisbane hotel. Yeah, and then there's like the Poobah days.

MAU: Wait didn’t you say one of your favourite shows was like at the Brisbane hotel?

Amy: Oh that Fun yeah, that one when we played because I liked it because upstairs. It was like a Red Room. I’m impressed by the simple things. Yeah it was actually a sick pub.

Gus: Like, oh yeah yeah, yeah like I was in the band. And because of that, because I met Declan that way and then like after that first time, Declan and Amy both booked Bus Money my band, like after meeting them. And they did maybe the next time I was up, they both booked shows for us.

Amy: Cuz I used to book it at, um, you know how the curtain used fabulous.

MAU: Yeah.

Amy: I booked for them, like a year or something?

MAU: That's cool.

Amy: But I booked Bus Money and at Cherry Bar too I think?

MAU: What year was this? 2016?

Amy: 2016.

MAU: So, was that...

Gus: It would have been 2016.

Amy: Yeah, 2016.

MAU: That was when Amyl just started.

Amy: Yeah I would have started booked 2015 and bled into 2016.

Gus: Amyl started way before I knew they existed.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: And then like, yeah, I met them through that. And yeah. And then I remember playing and then going onto Powers launch afterwards.

Amy: Yep. Power were good too.

Gus: And I think it was the album launch. And that was like the first like proper Melbourne show I went to. Yeah, yeah, maybe like yeah 2016 or something like that. Yeah. Or fuck, maybe even 15, 15?

Amy: It would have been 2015 cuz I reckon...

Gus: Yeah maybe 2015.

Amy: Yeah, I reckon you’re right. I reckon like around June 2015. Probably when I started doing that.

Gus: Yeah, right. Yeah. Not 2016.

Amy: Something like that. Cuz I don’t reckon I was in a band when I was booking.

Gus: Yeah, right true. Sorry. Back to the original.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: Yeah. At the moment, like Australia wise it’s like, Dick Diver and Low Life and Royal Headache that shit. I still fucking smash it real hard.

MAU: Oh it’s great. You've been involved in like, the punk scene for the last couple of years. With COVID happening. Like, in punk in 2021.

Amy: Ooh, interesting.

Gus: I mean, like, outside of the obvious, outside of the obvious being like, you know, like saying, and also because, you know, we're recording an album and shit. Like outside, I mean, predictions, outside of, you know, seeing heaps of motherfuckers releasing all their bedroom trash fucking fresh. And then even now like with gigs, firing up and shit again. But it's like pretty slow like I've seen to even like I don't know. Hopefully like more fucking like, diy shit or like even like, I don't really know hopefully more I think one is done hopefully more shit like that or something new like that.

Amy: It’s hard to say, I literally can’t predict it aye?

Gus: What do you guys have? Like do you guys have anything planned for this year?

Amy: Yeah kinda like we worked on an album which is on stage for just fucking nothing huge like we got stuff pencilled in but I reckon we'll get canned cuz, like it's overseas stuff and I reckon we're just be kind of crazy to try and like...

MAU: Well, it's kind of optimistic planning, right?

Amy: Optimistic planning right. Yeah, that's a good way to look at it. Um,

Gus: Yeah, it's just so fucking it's like, Corona, we've had shit pencilled in and cancelled and pencilled in and cancelled. And it's like, not even at any stage were we hopeful that it was going to happen. It's like, that's, you know, we got an album coming out this year. At some point.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: Once we, you know, put all the pieces together.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: You know that that's going to be coming out. And everything else touring. I think the goal this year is also getting way more regional.

Amy: Ooh, that would be so fun too. I'd love that I reckon.

Gus: Yeah, getting out the places that we haven't played before.

Amy: It would be so fun to just like, see different shit like meet different crew and like, the beach in the sand or whatever.

Gus: Because we were so turbo for 2018, 2019 overseas, and then we barely like, we played in Australia. Like we played in, because we were just so heavy overseas. Because it was so much.

MAU: Yeah.

Gus: And like, and like obviously, like, just played the major cities is just like, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide da-da, all that. So it's like now like with the opportunity, it's because like, we can fucking play other places.

Amy: It can sometimes feel like a bit of a shame to just be kind of like disconnected from the Australian music scene because like, we love all that stuff. And there's definitely like, still, but it's like, oh, you know, that's what we love. And what we were raised on and like, our inspiration, like we get take so much inspiration from it. So it's kind of like, well, it'd be so exciting to think they like playing with that a bit more. I guess. It's a pretty lucky standpoint as well to be like looking back at Australia soon, rather than being like, ah, you know, like, we're super lucky that we have got to play overseas and learn that like that's sick as I reckon.

MAU: Like, I think the coolest thing about you guys is that like, you'll still do things to support like the punk scene like even when like you did the calendar thing rocked up and you're like, like I remember. Yeah, you rocked up to the calendar gig to play a show and you were just like you rocked up and you're like, I don't have any money and I'm hungry, you know, and you're like you're rocking up to a show to give money to other people, you know?

Gus: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fully.

MAU: I think that's pretty cool.

Gus: Fuck yeah.

Amy: Yeah, that shits the best as well. Like it's I reckon. Yeah, I think we all are like super grateful that are included in it. Because like, in a lot of ways, I feel like I can I can safely say we all feel pretty uncomfortable, but also stoked at how well, this is a surprise, but then it's like mad. It's mad. Mad as.

Gus: Now you remind me, my friend, I had to fly back to Tassie the next day, I only knew him at the time, he put 10 bucks in my pocket, and I found out the next day before I got to the flight and I was like fuck yeah, I can eat before I get, like get on the plane.

MAU: Did you buy a beer?

Gus: I bought maccas of course.

END: And that brings us to the end of another episode of the Modern Australian Underground. Thanks again to Gus and Amy. Don't forget that you can contact me at Litmus Media. Keep listening to the rest of this episode for some bonus content.

Amy: [Starts rapping] Gus my he's a motherfucking light on he to me he wants nothing but good friends but he is just a learner drinkin on a fucking Sophie's spritz alcohol level the law but he does not he's a motherfucking thought he is on the gram person take the boy does not look hot. And he's redhead Gucci model that is only what he reps gut regret smoking bongs 2am here he is once again playing beats off his phone again can't beatbox his alone. He thinks he can play bass but he barely has a face worth mentioning. I'll get him dancing on his grave. I look good while I'm twerking, his mommy asking for a little help. She is down in fucking Hobart trying to teach him about his health but he never fucking listens his skin it fucking glistens in this. He's like glasstop. 

MAU: [Laughs] That’s fucing sick.