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  • Eamon Larman-Ripon

    Prahran Summer Jam is the biggest Streetball Championship in the Southern Hemisphere – a celebration of Australia’s booming basketball culture, starring the biggest names in the international streetball and slam-dunk scene. Out of all the sports, there is none that influences and is more influenced by fashion and urban culture than basketball. The Prahran Summer Jam makes the essence of basketball accessible to a range of Australians from all walks of life, and reflects the growth and excitement of Australian basketball. Prahran Park is the heartland of the Melbourne basketball community, a place where dreams are made. Best friends Daniel Ella and Eamon Larmar-Ripon grew up playing basketball at Prahran Park. The heart, soul and legacy of Prahran Park started a fire within Daniel and Eamon and in 2011 they dreamt up the Prahran Summer Jam, a celebration of streetball and a way of giving back to their local community. Over the years this melting pot of sport, music, art and fashion has grown to become a major part of Basketball history, the now globally recognised Prahran Summer Jam holds influence over all aspects of urban culture. With public housing as the backdrop, Prahran Summer Jam has become a symbol of strength and hope for the youth of Melbourne.