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Introducing Divergent

Calum Glendinning-Clark is a walking paraplegic with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. He also has a passion for disability advocacy and activism. Through conversations with artists, authors, friends and colleagues, Calum continues the journey he started in his divergent body, exploring the barriers to accessibility, and the possibilities when it comes to disability support, recovery and community.

Trailer Transcript

My name is Calum Glendinning-Clark and I live in a divergent body as a walking paraplegic and a writer with a brain injury. Pardon the paradox. I aim to raise awareness about one of the largest minority groups in the world.

When we look at the world around us, how it is built, the design of environments, use of technology, stairs, toilets, doorways, public transport, health care or employment, in its simplest form we see a body and its most complex form, the construction of a body. This constructed body is based upon an assumed majority or ‘norm’ branching back to industrialisation and eugenics. What about the one billion people in the world who are differing, varying, dissimilar, unalike, or Divergent?

If the body is something fluid and infinitely variable what are the consequences of a world that assumes and priorities a body that functions in a particular way? This podcast will explore and discuss the barriers surrounding accessibility and possibilities when it comes to disability support, recovery, and community. It will focus on individuals’ experiences, identifying and navigating these barriers. Along with the services in place to assist in this process. It will also discuss the emotional, as well as physical impact of these barriers in the day to day lives and experiences of people with disabilities. In this season I will reconnect with people I have come across throughout my journey. Navigating the hospital system, rehab. I’ll talk to activists, aspiring cinematographers, authors as disrupters of the status quo when it comes to neurological recovery and independent publications exploring the inclusivity of divergent creatives with the purpose of amplifying their voices. Please join me on this journey and allow your understanding of the body to be disrupted and expanded.

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