Neuro Pain, Neuro Gain

In this episode, Calum takes you to Breaking Boundaries, a neurological rehab based in Newcastle, New South Wales. He interviews Philippa (Pip) Cave, director of physiotherapy.


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In this episode, Calum takes you to the place he lives in Australia: Newcastle, New South Wales. Newcastle is significant for Calum because it's not only the place where he was discharged, it is also the place where he began to discover his divergent body.

Listen as Calum leads you down the industrial backstreets to Breaking Boundaries, the neurological rehabilitation centre he attends regularly. In this discussion, Calum and Director of Physiotherapy at Breaking Boundaries, Philippa (Pip) Cave, discuss the inception of the service, why it might be tough to find private services like this, as well as the significance of BB to the wider community.


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    • Calum Glendinning-Clark

      Calum Glendinning-Clark was born in Scotland and is a dual citizen of both Scotland and Australia. He is a 28 year old walking paraplegic with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. Calum is interested in disability advocacy and activism. He is a writer for Cripple Magazine, part founder of ParaRise and works at a disability employment service. Calum is passionate about amplifying the voices of the disability community and providing insight into the infinite variability of the human body. He loves music, the arts, ideas and physical movement.

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