"Oh, a punk show?"

By Litmus Media

Christina Pap is the host of the Litmus Media podcast Modern Australian Underground, and her punk band Swab is playing a show for the first time since the end of the Melbourne Lockdown, on Saturday February 27th at Collingwood bar Nighthawks.

Swab initially started as a project of Blake (guitar) and Jake (drums). Both of them wanted to start a 80’s style US hardcore band, with Blake’s usual style of music being on a noisier grind trejectory but Jake’s other bands being more focused around underground pop, punk or a synthy mix in between. They invited Christina in to join on vocals, and called the band Swab as a goofy name rip on the popular cult Japanese hardcore band “Gauze”.

Also playing the show is:

Future Suck - Nihilistic and dirgey punk

Shove - Bad attitude, punk pub rock band. Only got to play a few shows before Covid lockdown last year.

Christina’s feelings about playing again? She said "pretty nervous tbh, haven’t played a show in over a year and I’m feeling pretty out of practice. But also keen to have a good time so I’m looking forward to getting dumb and having some fun."