Introducing Litmus Media hosts: Mahmood Fazal & Daniel Stewart

By Litmus Media

A few questions with Mont Icons hosts, Mahmood Fazal & Daniel Stewart.

Tell us something about yourself that you take pride in.

MF: Publishing.

What is your comfort book; what do you read when you need a friend?
DX: Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky.
MF: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll or The Trial of Gilles de Rais by Georges Bataille.

Who would you want to interview the most and why?
DX: the ghost of Jim Harrison, to learn how they eat, how they drink and what they read in the afterlife.
MF: Jesus of Nazareth. He’d have good advice.

Why is it important to share your knowledge on counterculture literature?
DX: I am forever curious in learning about what and how people read, so more important for me than sharing knowledge is learning about people.
MF: It’s essential to understanding how other people think.

One place to go to and one dish to eat, what're you having?
DX: France, Provence: bouillabaisse and Bandol.
MF: France, Meursault: tripe with a bottle of pinot followed by a thick slice of roquefort and a few dates.

You can listen to Mont Icons here.