Introducing Litmus Media Host: Christina Pap

By Litmus Media

We asked Christina a few questions, so you can get to know the host of Modern Australian Underground!

Name four Australian bands you'd like to see on a bill that would make your ideal show

The Ramones, Alien Nosejob, Liquids and...can I make it a festival and not just a show?!

Favourite physical music format and most hated physical music format
Compilation LP is my favourite, 10" one sided flexi is my most hated??? I don't know if 10" flexis are even a thing but if they are, that's it!

People talk about underground music on the radio, why put it to a podcast?
I love the radio - I do a show on community radio here in Melbourne! But podcasts are more accessible, the episodes stay up indefinitely and I have the opportunity to spend more time making them sound awesome than I can with the radio show. Don't get me wrong, radio isn't redundant and never will be. But there's room for podcasts and I'm stoked to be able to do one about what's happening in the Australian Underground right now.

You can listen to Modern Australian Underground here.