Litmus Media: Reimagine Australian Stories

Culture is about sharing who we are with the world. Sharing intimate stories has the power to influence, educate and inspire. Developed and used purposefully, the art of powerful narratives breaks down misconceptions, broadens our understanding of the world and brings people together.

Litmus Media specialises in producing audio experiences with an emphasis on diverse, culturally significant stories that connect and resonate with listeners.

Our Team

  • Johanna Greenway

    Managing Director

    Johanna is an entertainment and arts specialist with a powerful skill set amassed from decades of experience. This experience ranging from DIY and community events to the biggest touring festival in the world is what informs her approach towards producing culturally intuitive, transformative experiences. 

  • Monica Balaz

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Monica Balaz is a digital marketer and artist. She is passionate about working in media to provide authentic, honest and creative storytelling. Monica has previously worked across the realms of social content for Vice Media APAC, Sissy Screens, Snack Drawer and founded Primary Arcade Artist Collective to champion emerging artists.

  • Harley Barnes-Roos

    Graphic Designer

    Harley is a graphic designer, artist, Nimslo film photographer and sex worker. Her artworks include hand embroidery, hand-cut paper collages and 3D film content, which have been exhibited in galleries across VIC and QLD. She strives to design static and animated graphics that aren't cut from the same cloth as other agencies. Harley is the creative director of TØS Journal, a lifestyle publication that is entirely created by sex workers for sex workers, with the aim to educate the civs and keep the industry workers safe, informed and give them a platform to share their unique stories.

  • Larry David

    Barketing Coordinator

    Larry David shares his mother Johanna’s love of food and adventures. He is passionate about the beach, chewing on sticks, other dogs and most people. Larry is highly skilled in the area of cuddles and gives kisses on demand.